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Hyundai Motors is in Discussion with Apple Inc. on Electric Vehicles Tie-up

Apple Inc. had discussed, delivering driverless, electric vehicles with the South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor Co.

Apple is secretly working on the driverless cars for more than 06 years.  If the partnership of Apple and Hyundai works out, it would be a significant step in Apple autonomous car manufacturing.

With the partnership Apple would depend on Hyundai on vehicle and battery manufacturing.

Hyundai’s EV Concept

A Hyundai Motor official said on Jan. 8 that multiple global automakers are in discussion on a tie-up with Apple for a self-driven car project. Further Hyundai announced they are at the beginning of the discussions.

 Hyundai later released an updated statement through a regulatory filing that it has been “receiving requests of cooperation from diverse companies regarding the development of autonomous EVs, but no decisions have been made as discussions are in the initial phase.”

With the news release, shares of Hyundai Motor and affiliates risen in the stock market.

Apple is aiming to release the self driven passenger vehicle at earliest in 2024 with their so cold titan battery technology.

If Apple Inc. succeeded in their Apple EV concept, it would challenge the Tesla vehicle market in the future.

“Under a tie-up, Hyundai can provide its EV platform to Apple, which in turn can provide the needed technology and software for electric cars. If realized, it would be a giant leap for the Korean auto industry,” said Samsung Securities auto analyst Im Eun-young.

Chung Euisun, Chairmen of Hyundai motor

Chung Euisun, Chairmen of Hyundai motor who took over the position in October 2020 said “We will develop the world’s most innovative and reliable self-driving technology to deliver a new mobile experience for our customers,” in his first message as the chairman.

Also he has mentioned, “Hyundai Motor will provide a new level of life experience for mankind by realizing the future of our imagination more quickly through robotics, urban air mobility and smart cities.”

With the vision of the new chairmen, Apple and Hyundai could bring a good synergy in the self-driven vehicle market.


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