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New Diamond towed away to High Seas. Fire is Under Control

The fire started in MV New Diamond has reduced after the enormous effort by the fire fighting team. Russian and Indian vessel helped Sri Lanka on fire fighting. Latest updates show the vessel has towed to the high seas and away from Sri Lankan coastline.

“The continuous cooling effect during the disaster relief operation has controlled the fire-spread and approaching of the flames to the crude oil store of MT New Diamond,” the Navy said.

So far no oil spillage has recorder from the vessel.

23 crew members of the ship has rescued and 1 Philippine nationality crew member reported to be dead due tp the fire on board. 1 crew member is injured and under the medication in Sri Lanka. The gas leackage occurred in the kitchen cause the fire.

Controlling the Fire Onboard

Fortunately fire fighters were able to control the fire without spreading it to the cargo halls of the vessel.

Three Sri Lanka Navy capital ships, three Fast Attack Craft, two Sri Lanka Coast Guard Vessels, two tugs of the Hambanthota International Port ,Wasaba and Rawana, the ALP Winger tug, one TTT One tug with firefighting equipment and professionals have engaged in the firefighting efforts.

new diamond fire
Rawana & Wasaba of Hambantota International Port is on Fire Fighting

New Diamond is a Panama registerd VLCC ( Very Large Crude Carrier) carrying 270,000 metric tons of crude oil from Kuwait to India.

Now the distressed vessel is 22 nautical miles away from the Sri Lankan water and a great disaster of oil spillage could prevent the immediate action of the country.


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