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Shipping Companies Shift from Beirut Port

Shipping ompanies are looking for lternative ports to call their vessels.  With the massive explosion at Beiruit, Lebanon port more than 137 lost their lives and more than 1,000 got injured.

CMA CGM SA, the French container line informed one of their crew members is missing from a vessel which was near the port. Also, two staff members are seriously injured.

The German shipping line, Hapag Lloyd, said to media that their “office is completely destroyed,” but that staffers had left the station 20 minutes before the blast and were not injured.

Explosion at Beirut Port, Lebanon

Some shipping lines are shifted Beirut-bound ships to other Mediterranean ports, including several that were rerouted to the Northern Lebanese port of Tripoli.

The accident happened due to the 2,750 tonnes of wrongly stored ammonia nitrate – a substance used to make both fertiliser and bombs. Cargo has stored in the port 6 years back and Lebonan customs and port authority has continuously reminded the danger, but no action has taken to remove them from the port premises. Lebanese authorities are investigating on storage of highly combustible material in port for a long time period.

The explosives are originally Mozambique bound cargo from Georgia in 2013, according to a senior Lebanese politician, an army official and a Middle East security official. The vessel was forced to dock in Beirut due to technical problems and later it was abandoned by her owners.


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