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Tesla Entered the Indian Market

The world leading electric car manufacturer TESLA is planning to set up a manufacturing plant in Karnataka, India.  The company has already registered its Indian branch as Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru.

The CEO and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk said they will be targeting the Indian market in 2021. It is more likely to head the Tesla India by three directors – Venkatrangam Sreeram, David Jon Feinstein, and Vaibhav Taneja.  The Indian Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways – Nitin Gadkari has mentioned, Tesla will start its operation in India within the year. Tesla will start selling its cars under CBU (Completely Built Up) route at first and eventually start manufacturing with R & D.

If the planned research facility is succeeded, India would be the second country to have a Tesla research facility outside the United States.

Maharashtra’s tourism and environment minister, Aaditya Thackrey recently tweeted, “This evening I had the opportunity to participate in a video call by Industries Minister Subhash Desai with Tesla team to invite them to Maharashtra. I was present not because of just the investment but my firm belief in electric mobility & sustainability.” The Tourism Minister also added that the Maharashtra Government is firmly committed to policy building and changes for sustainable development.

Tesla Entered the Indian Market- Daily Logistics
Tesla Model 3

The market intelligence says Tesla is planning to sell its Model 3 electric sedan in India first. Model 3 is the lowest cost electric car of Tesla models. Other Tesla models include Model Y, Model S, and Model X. Model 3 starting price is $37,990 in the home market.

The Indian government is promoting electric vehicles in the country and discourages importing vehicles. Yet the lack of electric vehicle infrastructure in the country is the major issue in the country. Being the second largest populous country, India will have a great demand for Tesla vehicles.


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